Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm ready for another concert. Does anyone know who this is?

Time goes by very fast. Brett has already been out of school for over one year. Mr College man now.

That was a fun ride. I think it rained every day. Very Cold...

Dallas and Anne at the Grand Canyon

Jackie do you remember this day? We miss you guys.

Heidi's family----- We miss you guys. We will be in Kansas soon.

Brett just loves the little ones. They love uncle Brett so much.

Long day at the park for Zach

Steve and Jeremy are ready to get down.

I need to go on another bike ride. I miss the boys.

Michelle is so cute. 77 more days and she will be done with school.

Jeremy and Rachelle are in love.

Mom likes to dance. We miss the family parties.

Don't you just love this picture of Michelle. I do......

New Port Beach - Michelle is so strong

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Michelle on the Waterslide Family Reunion Idaho July 2008

Idaho Sod Farm Family Reunion July 2008

Heidi & Tayton June 2008

Tayton has sore teeth.

Bevyn Loves Her Grandpa

Disney Land 2008

Disney Land Was so Much Fun

Michelle is really hot.....

Zach Likes to be the Tallest

Dallas & Anne Are in Love

August 23rd is the big day......

Three Grandchildren

I don't think they are happy....................

Happy Anniversary

Two years of marriage.

Brett Graduated Bingham High School

Dallas is so happy........

Dallas and Anne are getting married August 23rd.

3 Grand Daughters

Our grandchildren are growing up so fast.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Strawberry Jam Maker

Michelle is the best jam maker in the world. Sorry mom your jam is pretty good as well. Michelle has been cooking jam all day and it is perfect. I can't wait for Sunday dinner so we can have her homemade rolls with her special jam. Oh ya, it's special.

Race For The Cure Zach (Finished 27:38 Minutes)

Zach is holding up 2 fingers for 2nd place. Zach thinks he beat me in the race and he is telling everyone that I took 2nd place.This is Zachs first 5K race and he ran hard the whole race without stopping.